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Kerry Michaels

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Kerry Michaels has been an obsessive container gardening enthusiast since moving to Maine in 2001. She has been a writer, photographer and producer of multi-media for over twenty years. She recently photographed the book Growing the Northeast Garden (Timber Press, 2015). Other credits include, the award winning documentary, River of Steel, Country Living Magazine, 2013 James Beard Award-Winning, ChopChop: The Cooking Magazine for Families, and The Twentieth Century with Mike Wallace. She is a contributing writer and photographer for Coastal Home magazine. Her photos have been seen in many books and magazines.


Kerry has extensively written about diverse topics - from country decorating to serial killers. She photographed Growing the Northeast Garden, and was Garden Editor for the James Beard Award-Winning magazine, ChopChop. She was head writer and producer of a CD-Rom, Country Living Style. She has written for Discovery Channel, Small Gardens, A&E, Weekly Reader, Disney and Sesame Workshop. Kerry co-produced and co-directed the award-winning documentary, River of Steel.

Kerry has been a fanatic container gardener since 2001.

By Kerry Michaels:

In 2001 my family and I embraced radical life change and moved from Manhattan to the coast of Maine. I quickly found out that I was not much of a landscape gardener, but that I could get incredible results and satisfaction from container gardening.

Container gardening, writing and photography are my passions. On About.com I can combine all three.

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