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Container Garden Care and Trouble Shooting

Ok, so you've got your beautiful container garden, now what? Time to care for your container and keep your plants from kicking. We'll talk about fertilizer, tell you how to deadhead, prune and water. We'll also try to help you figure out what's gone wrong if your container garden isn't thriving.

How to Protect Your Planters from a Hurricane
How to protect your containers in a high wind or hurricane.

Twitter Advice - Twitter Advice From Those Who Tweet
Most people either love or hate or have a love/hate relationship to Twitter. Readers and Tweeters speak out with Twitter advice.

Container Plants - What Container Plants Have You Killed?
I have killed container plants in any number of ways. Starvation, over-feeding, over-watering, neglect, over-zealous pruning, driveway death. You name it - I'm guilty of it.

Fill Your Garden Planters with Potting Soil, not Peanuts
Why you should fill your garden planters with potting soil.

Pot Feet Rock
Pot feet can be key to a healthy and happy container gardens

Do Water Retaining Crystals Work?
Water-retaining crystals are widely used, but do they work?

Watering Container Gardens - How to Keep your Plants from Drowning
Ok, sounds pretty boring, but keeping your plants from drowning is one of the keys to a successful container garden.

Garden Hoses - Is Your Garden Hose Safe?
Garden hoses can be hazardous to your health. Find out why and what you can do to minimize the risk.

Container Garden Care - Deadheading and Cutting Back Container Gardens
Deadheading is one of the most important maintenance chores in container gardening. If you spend just a little time each day, your plants will flower more and look better. Get the 411 on deadheading from About.com's Marie Iannotti.

Use Tomato Leaves and Garlic to Get Rid of Aphids
About.com's guide to organic gardening tells you how to make your own sprays to rid your plants of icky aphids.

Common Plant Pests and How to Manage Them
This article from Ohio State University gives information about common, annoying creepy-crawlies and what you can do to manage them.

Container Gardening Troubleshooting - What's Wrong with this Plant?
Great site for identifying common plant pests and diseases and how to rid your container gardens of them in non-toxic ways.

Watering Plants - What's the Best Way?
Watering plants doesn't sound like rocket science, watering plants in container gardens can be tricky. Here are some tips for watering plants.

Container Gardening Groundhog Stories
Container Gardening Groundhog Stories

Putting Gravel in Containers
Lots of people think it's a good idea to put gravel in the bottom of container gardens. Find out if this is true.

Keep Your Coir Hanging Baskets from Drying Out
Hanging baskets with coir liners are great looking, but can dry out super fast. Here's a tip on how to keep hanging baskets from drying out.

Protecting Container Gardens from Pests and Critters
How to Protect your container gardens from pests and critters.

Over Winter Plants - A Beginners Guide
How to Over Winter Plants

Vegetable Container Garden Problems
If you are having plant problems, here are some things to check

Tip for Covering Holes in Garden Pots
How to cover the holes of your garden pot.

Can I Reuse Potting Soil?
Is reusing potting soil a good idea?

How to Tell if Your Plant Is Rootbound
Clues that your plant is rootbound.

Getting Rid of Spider Mites
Getting rid of spider mites

How do I know when my plant has had enough water?
How to know how much water to add to your container.

How Do I Find My Local Cooperative Extension Service?
How to find your local Cooperative Extension Office.

What is Deadheading and Do I have To Do It?
What is Deadheading and Do I have To Do It?

7 Container Garden Pests and How to Get Rid of Them
Container garden pests and what to do about them.

Help! My Water Gardens are Breeding Mosquitoes!
How to keep your water gardens from breeding mosquitoes.

Feeding Your Container Gardens
How to use fertilizer for beautiful container gardens.

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