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Which tomato varieties are good for growing in containers?


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Mixed Tomato Varieties

Photograph © Kerry Michaels
Question: Which tomato varieties are good for growing in containers?

My first piece of advice is to ignore the conventional wisdom that says to grow small determinate tomato varieties in containers. Many of the "patio" varieties of tomatoes that I've tried were pretty, red and round, but, like the tomatoes you buy in the middle of January in the supermarket, they are often mealy and tasteless.

I've grown huge sprawling tomatoes in all kinds of containers including reusable grocery bags, growboxes, straw bales, and garden pots made of all kinds of materials. I prune them and trellis them to control the tomato chaos and get huge harvests.

Here is a list of some of my favorite tomatoes, which if you care for them properly can grow in almost any container, as long as it's big enough.

  • Sungold - If (perish the thought) I had to choose only one tomato to grow it would be Sungold. These small orange tomatoes are awesomely sweet and their texture is sublime. They are easy to grow and cheerful to look at.
  • Riesentraube - These are also a small, early variety that are incredibly tasty and prolific.
  • Supersweet 100 - These workhorse red cherry tomatoes are sweet, tasty and easy to grow.
  • Stupice - Pronounced Stoo-PEECH-ka, these tomatoes are medium-sized, prolific, ripen early are very cold tolerant. They are also sweet and delicious.
  • Brandywine - These large, pinkish beefsteak often win tomato taste offs and for good reason. Completely delicious, these tomatoes are huge, but if you have enough space, sun, water and chutzpah, you can grow them in containers.
  • Cherokee Green - These medium sized green tomatoes are easy to grow, tasty and very cool looking.
  • Wild Boar Farm - I have grown several varieties of Wild Boar Farms tomatoes (Evan's Purple Pear, Freckled Child, Large Barred Boar, Haley's Purple Comet, Cherokee Green, Pink Boar) and loved them all.

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