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Rest Flower Bag Before Hanging
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Resting Flower Bag

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Leave your finished flower bag lying down or propped up slightly in a sunny, sheltered spot for a week to ten days while the plants acclimate and get over any stuffing trauma they may have experienced. During this time, make sure not to over-water your flower bag, but when you water it, water generously making sure the water reaches the bottom plants.

When your flower bag is ready, you can hang it from a hook, nail or from a railing. To know if it needs water, put your finger deeply into the soil, at least an inch, and if it feels dry, add water. Also, every time you water, check the bottom holes to make sure the water is getting all the way to the lowest plants. Fertilize your flower bag regularly with diluted, water soluble fertilizer, such as fish emulsion. Deadhead flowers when needed. Enjoy!

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