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Before You Make Your First Container Garden

What you need to know before you tackle your first container garden


Ok, before you make a container garden there are really only four things you need, a container, plants, soil and water. It can be that simple, however, things can get a little more complicated when you’re talking about keeping your plants alive and your container gardens thriving and looking their best. Here are some articles that might be helpful before you plant your first container gardens.

1. Why Garden in Containers, Anyhow?

container garden picture of pentas, petunias and sweet potato vine
Photo © Kerry Michaels
Why Garden in a Container - This article will get you psyched and give you some ideas about the flexibility and fabulousness of container gardening.

2. 10 Common Mistakes in Container Gardening

Container garden picture of flowering cabbage
Photo © Kerry Michaels
Container gardening is easy...well sort of. This article can save you time, money and frustration.

3. Keep Your Container Garden Plants from Drowning

container garden picture of Million Bells and New Zealand Flax
Photo © Kerry Michaels
Drainage may not be sexy, but it is really critical. In fact, ensuring that your planters have good drainage may be the single most important thing you can do to make your container gardens healthy and long lasting.

4. Container Choice - Choosing Containers for Container Gardens

container garden picture of million bells in colander
Photo © Kerry Michaels
The options for containers are limitless all it depends on is your imagination (ok, there is also your budget). To get ideas, take a look at how one plant looks in ten different containers. From classic terra cotta containers to trash cans and laundry baskets, almost anything can make a great container garden.

5. Container Garden Idea - Instant Container Garden

container garden picture of lambs ear in TerraCycle Urban Art Pot
Photo © Kerry Michaels
You may think this is cheating, but you can take a beautiful plant in its nursery container and plop it into a great pot and get an instant container garden. This quick tip is all about cheating and how to do it well.

6. Container Garden Pictures - Picture Gallery of Container Gardens

picture of container garden grouping
Photo © Kerry Michaels
I love looking at pictures to get ideas for plant combinations and color schemes. This gallery has a wide variety of container garden pictures to peruse.

7. Container Gardening Ideas - Fixing A Container Garden Design

container garden picture of Ornamental Grass and Wirevine Container Garden
Photo © Kerry Michaels
Here's the bad news, sometimes container gardens are blah, or just plain ugly. I've certainly made more than my fair share of them. The good news is that most of the time you can fix your container garden designs, even after you've planted them.

8. Container Gardening How Tos

Container Gardening Picture of Hens and Chicks in Miniature, Clam Shell Container Garden
Photo © Kerry Michaels
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