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Container Gardening Resources - Where to Buy Containers

Don't know where to go to find fabulous containers? Check out this page.

Modern Containers
If you are looking for a sleek, modern containers, check these out at Design Within Reach

Guy Wolff, Handmade, Terra Cotta Pots
Guy Wolff makes the most beautiful terra cotta pots. You can even see a video of him throwing a pot on YouTube.

Gardeners Supply Company
The Gardeners Supply Company carries a wide variety of containers, including many that are self-watering

New York Botanical Garden
The online shop at the New York Botanical Garden has fabulous and unusual containers. This "Oval Eco Planter," is made from coconut husk fiber and will start to biodegrade in 3 to 5 years. Until then it will be beautiful.

Window Boxes and More
Hooks and Lattice not only has many window boxes and containers to choose from, they also have a photo gallery and interesting articles on container gardening.

Five Tips for Buying Plants Online
A few quick tips for buying plants online

5 Great Places to Buy Bulbs Online
5 Places to Buy Bulbs, Online.

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