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Coffee Can Poinsettia Container Garden


container gardening picture of poinsettia in a coffee can

Poinsettia Coffee Can Container Garden

Photograph © Kerry Michaels

I love Medaglia D'oro coffee cans. I love the colors and the style. To make an instant table decoration or lovely gift, simply take a small poinsettia and put it, nursery pot and all, into a coffee can. If your plant sits too low in the can, put something in the bottom to raise it up. You can use inverted, plastic storage containers, or I often use a couple of Potrisers.

I bought this small poinsettia at a local nursery and it was actually cheaper there, than in a local big box store. If I have a choice I will always try to buy my plants at a nursery. Not only is the plant selection better, the chances that you'll take home a healthy, robust plant are vastly increased.

How to pick and care for your poinsettia.

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