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Growing Sweet Potato Plants


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How To Grow Sweet Potato Plants and Sweet Potatoes
Growing Sweet Potatoes

Starting Sweet Potato Vines

Photo © Kerry Michaels

I love that each lowly sweet potato holds inside it a secret—the capacity to reproduce. But even if you aren’t interested in growing the tubers, simply sprouting sweet potatoes is a great project. Historically, people sprouted sweet potatoes and used them as houseplants. You can also eat the tender shoots and leaves that emerge from the potato and they are delicious.

If you want to grow sweet potatoes for harvest, you will need to start them by sprouting as well.

NOTE: There is a difference between ornamental sweet potato vines and sweet potatoes for eating. Ornamental sweet potato vines are common in gardens and especially containers. They are sold at nurseries as annuals in most zones. Ornamental sweet potatoes, though they are from the same plant family, have been bred to maximize the beauty and color of the leaves as well as the size and shape of the plant. While ornamental sweet potato vines can grow edible tubers, they are far from tasty and can be very bitter.

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