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How to Make a Cheap, Easy and Festive Holiday Container Garden


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Decorating and Caring for Your Holiday Container Garden
container gardening pictures of finished winter holiday container garden

Finished Holiday Container Garden

Photo © Kerry Michaels
Wrap each vase twice around with raffia or ribbon and tie off with a square knot. Then wrap all three vases together with your berry garland. If you don't have the garland, you could use a different type of ribbon or a string of red beads or cranberries and wrap the vases with that.

For optimal growing, keep your bulbs in a cool (50-60 °F) spot, out of direct sunlight, for a couple of weeks until the roots have grown.

After this, put them in a bright warm spot. Some people recommend putting them under “grow lights,” or florescent lights. Or, if you want to speed up the flowering you can use a heat mat or heating pad underneath your bulbs.

Even if you don't have a cool place, narcissus will almost always bloom, they just might be a little leggy and less compact.

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