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Easiest Daffodil Container Garden
container gardening picture of daffodil container

Daffodil Container Garden

Photograph © Kerry Michaels

I love daffodils. I think they may be the cheeriest of all the spring plants. While I sometimes remember to plant pots of them in the fall, so they can chill outside for the winter and bloom in the spring, I often don't get to it. Even if I do, I'm a sucker for the pots of daffodils that turn up in nurseries and supermarkets in the spring.

I often leave the bulbs in their pots and find another container to put them in. Most of the time I have to do a little finagling to make it work, by creating a pedestal to lift the small pot up. I often use yogurt containers, small plastic pots or anything fairly sturdy and waterproof. Sometimes I cut off plastic juice bottles to get the right height - about a half inch from the lip of the container.

I then rest the nursery pot on the pedestal and tuck moss around to hide the edges and soil and give it a finished look.

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