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Container Garden Pots - You Can Make Almost Anything Into a Container Garden

Make your container gardens sing by using everyday items for containers


You can use almost anything to make a creative container garden. The size, shape and color of your container can dramatically affect the look of your finished container garden. To show this I took the same plant, a beautiful calibrachoa or million bells, and put it in several different containers. Some of the most interesting containers are made from every day objects - a white, modern trashcan, a galvanized bucket or a large colander. To get ideas for container gardens just look around the house and use your imagination.
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Container garden picture of container garden in a colanderContainer Garden in a ColanderContainer garden picture of yellow trash can container gardenYellow Trashcan Container GardenContainer gardening picture of metal washtub with container gardenGalvanized Metal Tub Container GardenContainer garden picture of million bells in large glazed potClassic Container Garden
Container Gardening Picture of a Calibrachoa in laundry basketLaundry Basket Container GardenContainer gardening picture of calibrachoa in large galvanized steel bucketContainer Garden in Large Galvanized Steel BucketContainer gardening picture with concrete container with dark embedded river stonesConcrete Container Garden with River StonesContainer gardening pictuer of White Plastic Trash Can container gardenTrash Can Container Garden
Container garden picture of formal container with million bellsInexpensive Plastic Container GardenContainer gardening picture of Large terra cotta pot with calibrachoaLarge Terra Cotta Pot Container Garden
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