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How to Make a Succulent Plant Container Garden


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Getting Started on Your Succulent Planter
container gardening picture of succulent container garden

Succulent Container Garden in "Il Noce," Concrete Vessel by Mary Martha Collins

Photograph © Kerry Michaels

Growing succulent plants in a container garden is easy and immensely satisfying. Succulent plants come in an amazing array of colors and leaf textures and combining them is fun and interesting. Colors and textures that you wouldn’t think would go together can be put into a beautiful arrangement. Perhaps more than with any other container gardeb, when using succulent plants, pot choice is key. Because the roots of succulent plants are relatively shallow, a bowl or dish can look great. Just make sure that your pot has good drainage, or that you can put holes in it.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of succulent plants to choose from and many have varying light and care requirements. It’s best to check the plant tag for specifics and make sure that plants in the same pot have the similar needs. That said, contrary to popular belief, most succulents do best if they are in the direct sun for only a few hours a day. Many need protection from getting scorched in the mid-day sun, but almost all need some bright, indirect light. Succulents can actually suffer from sunburn, so be careful when you first buy them to give them an adjustment period, where they can get acclimatized, also called “hardening off.”

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