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Interviews With Great Container Gardeners

Get hints and tips to make your containers even better.

Interview with Barbara Wise
Interview with Barbara Wise, author of Container Gardening For All Seasons.

Interview with Dee Nash of the Red Dirt Rambling Blog
Interview with garden writer and photographer, Dee Nash.

Tips on Organic Container Gardening from Pete Bottomley
With 25 years experience in the "green industry," organic gardening expert, Peter Bottomley knows a lot about organic container gardening. In this interview he talks about how to use organic soil, compost and fertilizer to make your container gardens thrive.

Interview with Author and Great Gardener Teresa O'Connor
Interview with great gardener, Teresa O'Connor.

Interview with Eco-Lawn Developer, Miriam Goldberger
Miriam Goldberger talks about Wildflower farm and Eco-Lawn

Great Garden Blogs
Some great garden blogs

Interview with Phil Van Soelen and Sherrie Althouse
This interview with Phil Van Soelen and Sherrie Althouse, master gardeners and owners of Cal Flora nursery. They talk about native plant species and their importance to the environment.

Interview with Tovah Martin
Interview with gardener and author, Tovah Martin (from emilycompost.com).

Interview with Rebecca Sweet
Interview with Rebecca Sweet, author and garden designer, .

Interview with Great Container Gardener, Kim Brix
Container garden designer, Kim Brix, shares tips and ideas.

Interview with Life On the Balcony's, Fern Richardson
Interview with Author, Fern Richardson.

Interview with Robin Horton
Design ideas from Urban Garden's Robin Horton.

Dan Heims--Plant Man
Interview with Great Container Gardener Dan Heims

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