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Container Garden Pictures

Need some ideas or inspiration to get started? Take a look at these container gardens pictures.

Foxes playing around in the snow.

Gallery of Terrarium Pictures
Terrarium pictures of terrariums and terrarium plants.

Pictures of Container Gardens, Plants, Flowers and Trees
Pictures of container gardens, plants, trees and flowers.

Pictures of Window Boxes
Pictures of window boxes and railing boxes

Wordless Wednesday Container Gardening Picture Gallery
Gallery of wordless Wednesday container gardening pictures

Picture Gallery of Portland Flower Show 2009
Picture Gallery of the 2009 Portland Maine Flower Show

Winter Container Garden Gallery - Pictures of Winter Container Garden
Winter container gardens can be spectacular. The designs are often emphasize structure and texture. Check out these pictures of winter container gardens.

Fall Container Garden Ideas - Pictures of Fall Container Gardens
Want to get some ideas for your fall containers? Check out these pictures of fall container gardens.

Container Garden Picture Gallery
Looking at container gardens is a great way to get ideas. Look at the use of palette, composition and container.

Mini Garden Ideas and Pictures
5 Mini Garden Ideas

Container Gardens and Hanging Plants from Proven Winners
The "Proven Winners" website had lots of great photos of container gardens, with helpful recipes for great plant combinations.

Container Garden Recipes from "Better Homes and Gardens."
Watch this slide show from "Better Homes and Gardens" to get some great container gardening design suggestions.

Photos of Flowers for Garden Pots
Photos of flowers that work in containers or garden pots. Lots of flowers will work in garden pots, these photos of flowers will give you some ideas.

Readers Container Garden Pictures
Readers' container garden pictures. Show your container gardens.See submissions

5 Tips for Container Garden Photography
Five tips to help you get gorgeous garden pictures.

Photos of Boston Flower Show
Photos of Boston Flower Show. Unusual displays at the Boston Flower Show.

Memoria Jay Yamada ‘Kauai’
Picture of Memoria Jay Yamada ‘Kauai’ at US Botanic Gardens

Container Garden Pictures of Annual Containers from White Flower Farm
The White Flower Farm website has wonderful ideas for annual combinations for your container gardens. They also sell container gardening kits that are ready to go.

Easy Cheap Terrarium Plants For Fall
Fall Flowering Terrarium

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