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Two Fall Container Gardens


container gardening picture of two fall container gardens

Fall Container Gardens in Re:Tread Pots

Photograph © Kerry Michaels

These relaxed fall planters feature two of my favorite pots. They are called Re:Treads and are made in Pakistan from re-used tires. Crafted using ancient leather working techniques, these pots look great any time of year, but work particularly well with the textures and colors of fall. However if you plant edibles in any pot made from recycled tires, it is best to line them with plastic. For more information on the hazards of planting in tires.

Plants in these pots are:

  • Lower planter contains: calibrachoa hybrid, Superbells 'Dreamsicle,' and 'ponytails' grass (Stipa tenuissima), also called, Mexican Feather Grass.
  • Larger pot contains: purple fountain grass, golden leaf sage 'Icterina' (Salvia officinalis), and stonecrop (Sedum tetractinum)

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