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Red Foxes Having a Wild Rumpus

Fox Story


The beginning of the story takes place on a snowy day in January, 2010 when three foxes came to visit and had a wild rumpus in the snow, right around my container gardens. My son was home sick and saw them. Fast forward to May 2011. In the same place, a mother red fox and her four kits came out to play.
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Red Fox on Picnic Tablecontainer gardening picture of red foxesRed Foxes Taking a Break for a Little Lovecontainer gardening picture of red foxes playingFox Kits Wrestlingcontainer gardening picture of red fox kit exploringRed Fox Kit
container gardening picture of red fox guarding kitsRed Fox Standing GuardRed Fox Looking at MePicture of Red Foxes kissingPicture of Red Foxes Kissingpicture of red foxes playingRed Foxes Roughhousing
Picture of a red fox with a bushy tailRed Fox with a Bushy TailRed Foxes KissingRed Fox Romancered foxes playingRed Foxes Playing a Biting GamePicture of Red Foxes playingRed Fox Getting Ready to Pounce

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