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Photos of Flowers for Garden Pots


Looking at photos of flowers that work well in containers or garden pots can give you ideas. Also, photos of flowers can just be so delicious to view, they can inspire ideas for gardening, or just give you a calming moment in your day.

Because almost any flower will grow in containers, choosing can be difficult. It mostly comes down to how much sun they will get and how willing you are to baby them. Some flowers are more drought and neglect tolerant than others. Some flowers will need full sun, but there are lots that will be fine in the shade.

Annuals will tend to bloom all season, while perennials tend to bloom once for a shorter amount of time.

In this photo gallery of flowers, I'll include annuals, perennials and try to give you an idea of the degree of difficulty it takes to grow them.

Here's a warning though: I tend to fall deeply and hopelessly in love with some flowers and photographing them.


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Container Gardening Picture of Heavenly blue morning gloryGrowing Morning Glories in Containersphoto of arugula flowersArugula Flower Pictureflower photo of clematis, Multi BlueClematis, 'Multi Blue'Flower photo of dahlia dalina Grande TampicoDahlia - Dalina Grande Tampico
photos of flowers, Cosmos double Rose Bon BonDouble Cosmos, 'Rose Bon Bon'hibiscus flower photograph of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, 'Painted Lady'Hibiscus Flower, Painted ladyhibiscus flower pictureHibiscus Flower PictureContainer gardening picture of Calendula Officininalis FlowersCalendula Officinalis Flowers
Container Gardening Picture of water lilyRed Cup Water Lily at The Sarah P. Duke GardensPicture of a hibiscus flower, Tradewinds 'Mandarin Wind'Hibiscus Flower, Tradewinds 'Mandarin Wind'container gardening picture of Anemone flower in a mason jarPicture of an Anemone Flower in a Mason Jarcontainer gardening picture of anemone flower in a mason jarAnemone Flower in a Mason Jar
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