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Snake Plant Terrarium in a Cocoa Tin


container gardening picture of snake plant terrarium

Snake Plant Terrarium

Photograph © Kerry Michaels

I have always thought of sansevieria, also known as snake plants or mother in law's tongue, as a fusty, dusty old houseplant, often found at the dentist's office. I have now changed my opinion. I bought one on a whim (ok, the real reason was because it was cheap), to try out in a terrarium. I fooled around with it and just couldn't make it look good. Then I had a mini brainstorm and put it in a pretty, old Droste's cocoa tin. I also put gravel on top of the soil. Then I took this tall glass jar, put some of the same black, aquarium gravel in the bottom and put the tin in the jar. Suddenly the plant transformed into something really cool - so cool that I have the terrarium now sitting on my desk.

The fastest way to kill a snake plant is to give it too much water. In the winter particularly, it needs very little watering. Give your snake plant a fast draining potting soil, and make sure your pot has drainage holes.

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