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Water Garden with Alligator Flag and Victoria Water Lilies

Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham, NC


container gardening picture of alligator plant and giant lotus leaves at the Sara P. Duke Gardens

Red-Stemmed Thalia and Giant Lotus Leaves

Photograph © Kerry Michaels

Red-stemmed thalia, also known as alligator flag and fire flag is a water garden plant that knocks my socks off. It is tall and regal while showing some great style with its bright red stems. Perfect for large water gardens, alligator flag grows up to 6-8 feet tall.

Alligator flag can be grown in a large container, either sunk into the mud or in a container that has been submerged up to 24" inches in water.

Produces purple flowers in July and August.

Alligator flag prefers full sun, but will tolerate partial shade, though the colors won't be as vibrant.

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