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Calendula Officinalis is a Great Container Garden Plant


container gardening picture of calendual officinalis

Calendula Officinalis, 'Flashback'

Photograph © Kerry Michaels

Calendula Officinalis commonly known as calendula or pot marigold is a great container plant. Though one might think the name pot marigold comes from how well they grow in pots, it actually comes from calendula's historical use in cooking. Calendula has also been called "poor man's saffron," because it can be used not only to flavor food, but to color food as well.

Calendula is easy to grow from seed and will thrive in sun to part shade. If you live in a hot climate, shade in the heat of the day is recommended.

Calendula flowers are edible, beautiful and are popular in herbal remedies and teas. They are also thought to repel insects, though calendulas are somewhat prone to aphid infestations.

Calendula is a great plant to grow with kids because of it's ease and the success rate when starting from seed.

Picture of calendula officinalis flowers.

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