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Senetti® Pericallis

Senetti® Pericallis is Great container plants for cool weather


container gardening picture of Senetti Pericallis

Senetti® Pericallis from Costa Farms

Photograph © Kerry Michaels
Commonly called cineraria, Senetti® Pericallis, is a great container plant for spring blooms. 'Secrets of Senetti,' is a brand name of new series of Pericallis hybrids. These striking plants are available in four colors, magenta, magenta bicolor, blue and blue bicolor. Senetti® Pericallis love cool wet weather which makes them perfect for early spring planting and prolific early blooms. They will put up with light frosts and will survive temperatures as low as 32°F. Senetti® Pericallis will typically bloom from early winter into spring providing a great early show of color.
  • Light - Part shade
  • Water - Requires consistently moist soil. Do not let soil dry out.
  • Size - This is a mounding plant with an average size is 12"-24" in both height and width
  • Fertilizer - Like most flowering annuals, Senetti® Pericallis requires regular feeding.
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