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Pictures of Container Gardens


Whether you are a novice or an expert, one of the best ways get inspired about container gardening is to look at pictures.
  1. Container Garden Photos
  2. Seasonal Container Garden Pictures
  3. Some of my Favorite Photos

Container Garden Photos

container gardening picture of dinner plate dahlia, Bonaventura

Get ideas for container garden designs, plant combinations, or just get inspiration by looking at container garden pictures.

Seasonal Container Garden Pictures

container garden picture of passion flower, monkey flower and flowering maple

Sometimes it's great to look at pictures to get ideas for what to put in your seasonal container gardens.

Some of my Favorite Photos

terrarium picture with tillandsia

These galleries don't neatly fit into categories. Some are even a little off the container gardening topic (see the red foxes that were having a wild rumpus in the snow around my container gardens). And some, like the terrarium gallery, are to give you ideas and spark your creativity.

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