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UpRoot May Be the Best Weeder Around

UpRoot is the Best Dandelion Weeder Around

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UpRoot May Be the Best Weeder Around

UpRoot Weeder

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I can't believe I'm writing these words--weeding can be fun. The UpRoot makes this heinous chore kind of addicting.

Watch Out Dandelions the UpRoot is Here

I hate weeding. I hate it with a fiery passion. I will do almost any other chore rather than weed. Sadly, my yard shows it. Our "lawn" has more dandelions than grass. And even though I don't get too many weeds in my pots (that's one of the reasons why I love container gardening so much!), I do get tons of weeds, mostly dandelions, around them.

After reading the reviews the Gardeners Supply website about the Fiskars UpRoot weeder, I bought one and I'm delighted that I did.

The UpRoot is a system that allows you to pull out dandelions and other large weeds without ever having to bend down. The best news is that it really works! The design is fantastic. Both my husband, who is 6'1" and I (5'3" if I'm stretching) both love the tool and take turns using it (ok, we fight over it).

It couldn't be easier to use. You simply center the tongs over the offending weed, step on the foot pedal, which drives the tongs into the ground, and pull back on the handle. The tongs close over the weed, and voila, out it pops--roots and all. You then pull on the handle to release the weed into your trug. This part is particularly satisfying because it feels like a shotgun and gives a triumphant click as the weed bites the dust.

While the UpRoot doesn't work every time and for every weed, though it does work most of the time--and with very little effort. If there is a clump of weeds, it can be difficult to insert the tongs into the center, of each weed, which critical for it to work and sometimes the tap root will break off. Once that happens you need to go after it with a hand weeder.

Like all weeding, it works best in damp soil. Also, the weed also has to be big enough for the tongs to grip, if it's too small, it slips between the tongs.

I also found that in some cases, the UpRoot pulled out big hunks of soil with the weed, leaving holes, however, I discovered that it is easy to shake or kick off the extra soil, filling in the hole, before releasing the weed.

I would recommend this tool to anyone. It is an organic, virtually effortless way to get rid of dandelions and other large weeds. It is particularly good for people with back pain or difficulty bending over. It has been given an "Ease of Use" award by the Arthritis Foundation.

The UpRoot can be found online, at big box stores or anywhere Fiskars garden products are sold. I found prices ranging from $29.97 - $39.97

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