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Ikea Mini Greenhouse for Container Gardening

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container gardening picture of ikea mini greenhouse with ferns

Ikea Mini Greenhouse

Photo © Kerry Michaels

The Bottom Line

This mini greenhouse is flimsy, cheap and so small it's a bit silly. On the flip side, it is oh, so cute.


  • Very cute
  • Cheap
  • Good for seed starting in a protected spot
  • Good for use as a terrarium


  • Flimsy
  • Assembly is difficult without breaking
  • So lightweight it could blow away
  • Can't buy online
  • Very small


    • Length: 19 ¾ "
    • Width: 9 ½ "
    • Height: 9 ¾ "
    • $14.99
    • Pine frame
    • Bottom is a coated steel grate
    • "Glass," is made of thing polystyrene
    • Lightweight
    • Wood slats are barely glued to polystyrene "glass"
    • You can find out online if a particular Ikea store has item in stock

    Guide Review - Ikea Mini Greenhouse for Container Gardening

    When I saw these Ikea mini greenhouses online, visions of starting early seeds for my container gardens danced through my head. I looked at the dimensions and realized they would be quite small, but at $14.99, it seemed worth a try.

    The first problem I ran into with the Ikea mini greenhouses, was that you can't buy them online. That was an issue for me, because there are no Ikea stores nearby. Then, once I finally got to Ikea, the greenhouses were impossible to find. They were in the garden area, but completely hidden. Here's a hint - you have to know the name "Fro, Mini Greenhouse," to locate them.

    When I got home and started putting the mini greenhouses together, my problems increased, the directions were perplexing, and several of the wood slats fell off. Also the plastic "window" was so thin and brittle that one of the corners broke off when I went to slide it into the microscopic channel that it needs to fit into.

    That said, once completed, with the slats glued back on, my mini greenhouses do look rather fabulous. I'm going to use them in a protected spot as a cold frame and start some lettuce.

    In the winter I will bring them inside and use them for terrariums. You could even They hang on a wall or put them on a shelf, though you would have to seal the bottom so water wouldn't drip.

    In general, I am a huge fan of Ikea. I think the combination of their clean designs and great prices often make for fantastic products. I use many of their metal pots for my container gardens, and never have had a problem with quality.

    Though the mini greenhouses are not great quality, they are inexpensive enough and cute enough to be worth the hassle.

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