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The U CAN Watering Can Rocks

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U CAN Watering Can

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The Bottom Line

This well designed watering can makes the chore of watering easier. The U CAN is a great tool that I highly recommend.


  • Lightweight
  • Well balanced
  • Removable rose attachment with threaded holder
  • Comfortable to carry and pour
  • Good sized top opening


  • None


  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomically designed for easy carrying and pouring
  • Fertilizer storage container with built-in measuring cup and spoon or pump for liquid fertilizer
  • Rubber grip Designed for two handed pouring
  • 2-Gallon capacity
  • Fertilizer reminder dial
  • Built in glove storage area
  • Retail price is $29.99
  • U CAN is manufactured in the USA

Guide Review - The U CAN Watering Can Rocks

I spend a lot of time watering, so I'm very picky about watering cans. I am delighted to report that I've found a great one. The U CAN watering can is so well thought out, that it makes the chore of watering easier. It was clearly designed by gardeners and works better than any other watering can I've tried. I was worried when I saw the size and shape of this watering can that when it was full, I would have trouble carrying and pouring from it. However, it is so well designed that you can carry a full two gallons of water without breaking a sweat. This watering can is narrower and longer than most that hold the same capacity. Because of this great design, you hold the U Can closer to your leg and keep your arm straighter which makes it feel lighter and makes lugging it around much easier.

Another thing I like about the U CAN watering can is that it has a detachable rose attachment that screws on to the front of the watering can for storage. This is key for me because I often take attachments off and lose them. Now with the U CAN, I may never lose a rose again. YAY! The U CAN also has an attached cannister for fertilizer, along with a spoon. This feature is particularly great for conventional gardeners who use dry fertilizers like Miracle Gro, that have to be carefully measured. I generally pour a diluted organic fertilizer into my watering can and just eyeball quantities. You can also buy a pump that fits into the cannister for liquid fertilizer. There is also a dial that can help you keep track of when you last fertilized your plants.

I particularly like the rubber grips on the handles of the U CAN which makes pouring and holding onto wet plastic, easy and comfortable. Another feature that works well is the size of the hole in the top of the watering. It is big enough to fit your entire hand into the body of the can, allowing you to fish out any leaves or debris that might get inside. Other watering cans often have too small an opening to allow this. The size of the hole also makes it easy to fill the can using a large spray head or a hose.

This watering can is a winner. It's large size and good design make it a great tool for container gardening.

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 5 out of 5
PERFECT gardening tool!, Member KDunkydoo

I am so impressed with this watering can! It is especially great for fertilizing my container plants that are all over the balconies and yard. Everything is with you and you don't have to keep running back to the shed or carrying that stinky fertilizer box around. I usually keep the rose off in it's resting place but when I need it for more delicate plants, it's not lost. It's ergonomically great and easy to both carry and pour. Besides all that practical stuff. It's really pretty and I have bought several to package with other gardening stuff for great gifts for my fellow gardners. KD

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