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Holiday Gift Ideas for Container Gardeners

Container gardening gift ideas for all budgets.


There are lots of gardening gifts to choose from. Here are some gardening gift ideas for your favorite container gardeners.

Cool Lids for Hot Days

container gardening picture of ribbon hats for container gardening
Photo © Kerry Michaels
Is there such a thing as having too many hats (ok, sweaters and shoes fall into this category for me too)? Besides, you can feel particularly good about giving hats as gifts because they will help protect your favorite container gardener from wrinkles and worse (though don't get me wrong, I have deep respect for a set of hard-won wrinkles). All of these hats are UV protective and will look fabulous on almost anyone. And, sometimes life just looks better from under the brim of a beautiful hat.

Gardening Books

Container gardening picture of book cover "Easy Container Gardens," By Pamela Crawford
Image © Pamela Crawford

Even though you can find lots of info about gardening on the web, it will never replace the feel and beauty of a good gardening book.

Here are some container gardening books that I recommend:

Some general gardening books that make great gifts:

  • Canadian Vegetable Gardening, by Douglas Green
  • You Grow Girl, by Gayla Trail
  • The American Horticultural Society's, A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants
  • Rodale's Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening
  • The Garden Primer, by Barbara Damrosch

Soil Scoop

container gardening picture of Soil Scoop in action carving a pumpkin
Photograph © Kerry Michaels
I love my Soil Scoop. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I think the design is brilliant. Any gardener, from novice to master, big handed or small, would love one of these.

Gardening Gloves

Photo © Kerry Michaels

Until this year, I have never been a big fan of gardening gloves. I think it's because all I had were crummy old ones that gave me the heebie-jeebies every time I had to put my fingers in them. Now however, I wear gardening gloves all the time. Here are two of my favorites.

L.L. Bean Trug for Container Gardening

container gardening picture of Flexible Garden Totes from L.L. Bean
Photo © L.L. Bean
Container gardeners are always schlepping around dirt, tools and plants. Give a gift that will help then do it in style - a colorful gardening trug from L.L. Bean.

Cool and Safe Gardening Hose

container gardening picture of dog drinking from garden hose
Photograph © Kerry Michaels

I spend a lot of time with a gardening hose in my hand and I have tried all different kinds and most make me want to scream with frustration because they kink. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a Charlie Chaplin movie or that I'm being "punked" when I'm trying to water my container gardens. As soon as I walk to where my container is and try to water it, the water flow suddenly stops. I've even given it a name - watering interruptus. This hose is the first I've tried that doesn't make me want to stamp my feet and swear. And that's a good thing. Oh, and it's also drink-safe, so won't spray your gardens with lead.

Mod Pot for Container Gardening

container gardening picture of container garden in terracycle pot
Photo © Kerry Michaels
If you want to do good while gift giving, this is a terrific choice. Made of e-waste, this pot is not only green, it has a social conscience as well. Painted by inner-city youth, "Urban Art Pots," by TerraCycle can make any container garden look cool.

Bogs Boots For Container Gardening

Container gardening picture of Bogs boots
Photo © Kerry Michaels
A pair of Bogs boots would make a fantastic gift for almost any container gardener. They look cool, are incredibly comfortable and will keep your tootsies warm to -20°F. They only come in whole sizes and run a tad small, so if there's a question, order the bigger size.

Excalibur Dehydrator

Photograph © Kerry Michaels

The Excalibur food dehydrator would make a fabulous, albeit huge gift. It isn't cheap, and it takes up a fair amount of counter space, and there is a good chance that whoever you give it to will become a food dehydrating maniac.

I even dream about new things I can dry out - how weird is that?

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