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Great Gardening Gifts For Under $25


There are lots of great gardening gifts that you can buy for less than $25.00. Here are some of my favorites.

Gardening Gloves

container gardening picture of garden gloves
Photo © Kerry Michaels

I never used to wear gardening gloves because they were uncomfortable and clumsy (oh, and really ugly). Now, there are several brands of gloves that are comfortable, protective AND stylish. I'm particularly fond of Ethel Gloves and West County Gloves. Both brands make comfortable, durable and handsome products.

Soil Scoop

container gardening picture of soil scoop
Photograph © Kerry Michaels

The Soil Scoop is a product I saw in stores and just didn't understand. Looking at it, I couldn't figure out why anyone would buy one. Then I tried it out and now keep one by my side. It is truly a multi-purpose tool that is desinged beautifully, is comfortable and performs tasks I never knew I would want a trowel to do.

If you want to spend over $25, the Soil Scoop given with a pair of gardening gloves would make a great gift.

Gift Membership to Hudson Valley Seed Library

Photograph © Kerry Michaels

A $20 gift membership to the Hudson Valley Seed Library includes a beautiful pack of their, "Radical Radish Mix," and 10 additional  seed packets, which members can choose and order any time after January 1. The quality of seeds from the Hudson Valley Seed Library is fantastic and their packages hold an unusually generous number of seeds.

Fiskars Comfort Grip™ Floral Snips

container gardening picture of Comfort Grip™ Floral Snips
Photograph © Kerry Michaels

These small snips from Fiskars are perfect for everything from deadheading to pruning your container gardens. They are comfortable and sharp and make quick work of even the toughest and woodiest plants. They may be small and look rather delicate, but they are  mighty and would make a great gift for any gardener. The price is also right.

Microwaveable Corn Bag

Microwaveable Corn Bags
Photo © Kerry Michaels

These corn bags totally save my back and neck. You put them in the microwave and then...bliss, as they melt away the tension and soreness from too much gardening (or life). There are lots of microwaveable heating products out there, but these are my favorite by far. They are handmade and have a lovely story behind them too.

They make great gifts for non-gardeners as well - my whole family is addicted to taking a "warmie," as my kids call them, to bed on a cold night.

L.L. Bean Garden Tote

Garden Tote
Photograph © L.L. Bean

I love garden totes. I use them to collect rainwater, mix soil and shlep everything from plants to tools. I even plant tomatoes in them.  I have several garden totes in different sizes and colors.

Bulbs for Indoor Forcing

container gardening picture of grape hyacinth
Photograph © Kerry Michaels

I'm a huge fan of forcing paperwhite narcissus indoors, but there are lots of other amazing flower bulbs you can force in winter to give you the feeling of spring when it's still freezing outside. Brent and Becky's Bulbs is my favorite place to get bulbs. They have a huge assortment of bulbs that make forcing a snap.

Forcing Paperwhite Narcissus Bulbs

Container Gardens

terrarium with tillandsia
Photograph © Kerry Michaels

There are lots of containers gardens you can make for well under $25.00, especially if you recycle everyday items into containers or buy baskets or garden planters at yard sales or thrift stores.

Here are some of my favorite container gardens you can make for less than $25.00. You can also make most of them using houseplants.

Colander Garden


Clementine Box Container

Juice Box Container Garden

Garden in an Egg Shell

Gardening Books

A great gardening book is a gift that keeps giving. Whether it is aspirational, or informational, it can open new worlds for gardeners - from the most experienced to the least. The best books can even cover the spectrum.

Here are some of my favorites:

The New Terrarium, By Tovah Martin

Easy Container Gardens, By Pamela Crawford

The Garden Primer, By Barbara Damrosch

More Great Gardening Books

Small Gifts

container gardening picture of produce bag
Photograph © Kerry Michaels

There are lots of great little presents for gardeners. Packets of seeds make great, inexpensive gifts. Botanical Interests, Renee's Garden and Hudson Valley Seed Savers all have beautiful packaging, so you don't even have to gift wrap. Here are also a few other "little gift," ideas.

Pot Feet

Produce Keeper Bags

Matchstick Gardens

Elephant Watering Can





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