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Container Gardening with Herbs and Vegetables

From a pot with a few herbs to a full-on container farm, edibles can be easy and fun to grow in containers.

Growing Blueberries in Containers
Growing blueberries in containers is a great way to grow your own fruit. Growing blueberries in containers can be better than growing them in the ground.

Vegetable Container Gardening - The Basics
Vegetable container gardening is easy, fun and tasty. Find out the basics of vegetable container gardening.

Lemon Verbena Margarita
This lemon verbena margarita totally rocks! Served over crushed ice, lemon verbena gives the margarita that extra something special.

How to Ripen Tomatoes
The best way to ripen tomatoes.

Fried Green Tomatoes
Have an abundance of green tomatoes? Here's a quick, easy and delicious recipe for fried green tomatoes, with a Southwestern twist.

Make a Kiddie Pool into a Garden Planter
Turn an kiddie pool into a cool garden planter and have a pool party for your plants.

Vegetable Container Gardening 101
Vegetable container gardening is easy, fun and tasty. Find out the basics of vegetable container gardening.

What is Late Tomato Blight?
Late tomato blight is a serious plant disease that affect both tomatoes and potatoes.

Growing Tomatoes Upside Down - The Upsides and the Downsides
Growing tomatoes upside down is all the rage. Find out if it's a good way to grow tomatoes in containers.

Using Milk for Plant Care
Quick tip for plant care.

Growing Potatoes in Containers
Growing potatoes in containers is easy and fun. If you haven't ever tasted fresh spuds, you've never really tasted a potato. Here's a step by step on how to grow potatoes in containers.

Make a Cheap, Easy and Cool Looking Upside Down Tomato Bucket
Growing an upside down tomato is all the rage. Find out how to make an upside down tomato bucket that is also cheap and pretty.

10 Common Mistakes in Container Gardening
Avoid ten common container gardening mistakes.

How To Grow Peas in Container Gardens
Peas are one of the easiest and most satisfying container garden vegetables that you can grow. Here's a step by step guide on how to successfully plant and grow peas in container gardens.

Make a Cool, Cheap, Lettuce Vegetable Container Garden in a Whole Foods Bag
Here are some step by step instructions for how to grow lettuce, a great container gardening vegetable, in a 79 cent lunch bag from Whole Foods.

Why grow vegetable container gardens organically?
Given the evidence, growing organic container vegetable gardens, is good for you and good for the planet.

Pizza Container Garden
Is there anyone out there who doesn't like pizza? Even if you don't make the pizza yourself, adding fresh herbs to any pizza, frozen, takeout or homemade can make it taste great. To have an easy and plentiful supply of herbs, make a pizza garden - a container filled with fresh herbs that go well on pizza. It's an easy and fun project to do with...

Container Gardening Seeds - Johnny's Seeds
Johnny's Seeds carries terrific organic seeds for container gardening. This employee owned company is in Winslow Maine.

Pictures of Vegetables and Fruits
Pictures of vegetables and pictures of fruit you can grow in container gardens

Reuse Ideas for Gardening in a Small Space
This guest post by Mike Lieberman is about container gardening ideas for small spaces.

How to Grow Tomatillos in Container Gardens
Tomatillos are beautiful and tasty, learn how to grow tomatillos in containers.

5 Great Outdoor Containers for Growing Vegetables
Choosing an outdoor container for growing vegetables can be confusing and overwhelming. Here are 5 of my favorite outdoor containers for growing vegetables. Just remember - for vegetable container gardening - the bigger the container, the better.

Growing Lima Beans in Containers
Growing lima beans in containers is easier than you might think.

Meyer Lemon Tree Information
Curious about Meyer Lemons Trees? There's a great story behind these great container plants

How To Grow Meyer Lemon Trees in Garden Pots
How To Grow Meyer Lemon Trees in Garden Pots

How Do I Know When My Tomato is Ripe
How to know when your tomato is ripe. When to pick a ripe tomato

5 Tips for Starting Seeds Indoors
Starting seeds can be frustrating, exhilarating or sometimes a little of both. Follow these tips for successfully starting seeds to increase your odds.

Which tomato varieties are good for growing in containers?
Ignore the conventional wisdom about tomato varieties for containers. Here are some great tomato varieties.

Are Tire Gardens Safe?
Are tire gardens safe?

Growing Tomatoes - Growing Tomatoes in Containers

Growing tomatoes in containers is one of the most satisfying experiences a gardener can have. It can also be a challenge. The following advice is gleaned from years of experimenting with different containers, techniques and tomato varieties.

Definition of the word parthenocarpic

The Pros and Cons of Straw Bale Gardening
Straw bale gardening is a great way to grow vegetables, but it's not for everybody.

Straw Bale Gardening
Easy instructions on how to make a straw bale garden.

How To Grow Meyer Lemon Trees in Garden Pots
How To Grow Meyer Lemon Trees in Garden Pots

5 Tips for Growing Tomatoes in Containers
5 tips for successfully growing tomatoes in containers.

Gardening With Kids
Container gardening is a great way to garden with kids.

Infusing Vodka with Herbs
Kick your cocktails up a notch by infusing vodka with herbs.

Herb Container Garden Idea
This edible picnic table decoration is pretty and delicious.

Prune Tomato Plants
Pictures and instructions on how to prune tomato plants.

Ridiculously Easy, No Cook Fresh Tomato Sauce
This no-cook, fresh tomato sauce can be made with any ripe tomatoes.

Why are my tomatoes turning black on the bottoms?
If your tomatoes have a black area on the bottom you probably have blossom end rot.

Grow Boxes - Growing Vegetables in Grow Boxes
Growing vegetables in grow boxes is easy, but there are a few tips that will help you be more successful.

Ten Great Container Vegetables
Ten great container vegetables with advice on container growing

Easy Roasted Tomato Soup
Super tasty recipe for fresh tomato soup.

Delicious and Easy Garlic Scape and Basil Pesto Recipe
Delicious and easy garlic scape and basil pesto recipe

Great Easy to Grow Herbs for Containers
10 great garden pot herbs.

Growing Garlic in Containers
Growing garlic in containers will make you a homegrown garlic addict.

Growing Garlic Indoors in Containers

Grow Beautiful Edibles In Containers
Edibles can be as beautiful as they are tasty. Here is a list of my favorite varieties.

Growing Cucumbers in Container Gardens
Helpful advice for growing cucumbers in container gardens.

Maple Cranberry Orange Sauce
Recipes for Maple Cranberry Orange Sauce and Raw Cranberry Orange Relish

Growing Fruit Trees in Containers
Expert advice from Stark Bro's Nurseries and Orchards on growing fruit trees in containers

Green Tomatillo Salsa

Tips on Making Herbal Bouquets
Tips for making fragrant and beautiful herbal bouquets.

Cranberry Orange Relish
Recipe for raw orange cranberry relish

Using Borage Flowers

How to Make Floral and Herbal Ice Cubes
Cool ice cubes can be made with edible flowers and herbs.

How to Grow Eggplant in Containers
Eggplant are easy to grow in containers. Here's how.

Fast, Easy and delicious cucumber salad.
Easy tarragon cucumber salad recipe.

Growing Celery from a Bunch
Growing celery from the bottom of a bunch.

How to Grow Pumpkins in Pots
How to grow pumpkins in containers.

How to Dry Tomatoes
DIY Sun Dried Tomatoes

Growing a Mint Container Garden
Growing mint in containers is super easy.

Freezing Parsley
How to have fresh tasting parsley all year long.

Cosmo with Lemon Balm
Lemon Balm Cosmo for a Crowd

Freezing Parsley
How to have fresh tasting parsley all year long.

5 Beautiful Herbs
Five beautiful herbs.

Grilling Garden
How to make a grilling garden.

Letter to Young Gardeners
Letter to young gardeners

Growing Strawberries in Garden Pots

Straw Bale Garden
Make a beautiful straw bale garden

Growing Fruit in Containers for the Southeast
Growing fruit in containers in the South.

Strawberry Rhubarb Recipe
Strawberry rhubarb syrup recipe

Grilled Salmon with Herbs and Edible Flowers

How To Dry Apples in a Dehydrator

Warm Climate Container Vegetable Gardening
Growing Vegetables in Pots Gardens in Warm Climates

Definition of Bolting
Definition of bolting in edible plants

Curried Pumpkin Soup
Recipe for Super Easy Curried Pumpkin Soup

Curried Pumpkin Soup
Recipe for Super Easy Curried Pumpkin Soup

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