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Growing Celery from a Bunch


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Growing Celery from the Bottom of a Bunch
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Re-Grown Celery

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Growing celery is a fun project that couldn't be easier and is a great one to do with kids. The celery sprouts stunningly fast, that once cut, even the youngest children can do the whole project. If you are just sprouting in water, this project can be a good one for winter when it's particularly fun to see something green and growing.

It may be enough to grow the celery in a dish--it will get pretty big--or for a more substantial project, you can plant the celery in a container with potting soil and grow it as you would a container garden.

While you may get more leaves than stalks with this method of growing, and your celery may not be as big as a store bought bunch, there are great ways to use celery leaves in cooking. Think of them as an herb--they can taste like mild celery, or be a tad bitter. You can use celery leaves in soups and stews, and some people use them as a substitute for cilantro.

What You Need

  • A bunch of celery
  • A large, sharp knife
  • A small dish or plastic container
  • Fresh water

If you want to grow your celery in a pot or container:

  • A small garden pot or container with drainage holes in the bottom.
  • Potting soil
  • Slow release fertilizer

NOTE: I use organic celery because according to the Environmental Working Group's, Dirty Dozen list of the foods with the most pesticide residue, celery ranks number two, beaten out only by apples. If you don't want to use organic, conventionally grown celery works just as well.

Look for a bunch of celery that is firm, with tightly packed stalks. The leaves should be green and fresh looking.

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