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Growing Garlic Indoors in Containers


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Planting Garlic Indoors and Care
container gardening picture of planting garlic indoors

Planting Garlic Indoors

Photograph © Kerry Michaels

Plant cloves, pointy side up in your container, poking them about half way down into the soil. You can plant them fairly close together, but make sure they are not touching. Fill container with soil until the soil totally covers the garlic by about a half inch, making sure to fill in all the spaces between the cloves. Pat the soil down gently. Water gently and slowly until water come out of the bottom. Add more soil if you see any garlic cloves poking through the soil.

Caring for your Garlic Indoors
Water often enough so the soil stays moist, but not wet. In about a week or two you should see garlic shoots coming through the soil. Wait until they get a couple of inches tall before you start snipping them with a scissors. Leave about an inch of shoot on each clove so the shoot will continue to grow.

Snip and enjoy.

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