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Make a Kiddie Pool into a Garden Planter


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Pool Party for Plants
container gardening picture of kiddie pool container garden

Finished Kiddie Pool Garden Planter

Photo © Kerry Michaels

I’m all about instant gratification and to be blunt, I’m cheap and kind of lazy. So making a garden planter out of a kiddie pool turned out to be the perfect project for me. I bought this lightweight kiddie pool for $5. The soil (organic) cost about $12. The fencing cost around $5. And the seeds cost a couple of bucks. So for around $25, I made a large garden planter or raised bed.

I planted basil and nasturtium seeds, but you could plant anything that has fairly shallow roots, which includes most herbs and many vegetables. This would be a great way to have a combination of herbs, lettuce and some smaller vegetables. You could even plant some tomatoes, if you used one of the patio, or dwarf varieties.

You could put this garden planter on a deck or mine is sitting in my driveway. Be cautious about putting it directly on your lawn, because it will kill the grass under it.

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