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Lettuce Garden in a Whole Foods Bag


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Some Lettuce Container Garden Basics
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Lettuce Container Garden in Whole Foods Bag

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Growing lettuce is really easy and it thrives in these plastic, reusable lunch bags, which can be bought at Whole Foods for just 79 cents. You could also grow flowers, herbs or many other container garden vegetables, equally successfully in any plastic, reusable grocery bag.

Lettuce is a great container gardening vegetable because with its short roots, you can grow lettuce in almost anything with good drainage - even a shallow container. However lettuce likes to be kept moist, and it is easier to keep your plants moist in a larger container that holds more soil, because the more soil, the better the water retention.

You can grow lettuce from seed or buy seedlings, which are usually inexpensive.

Start with a sunny spot, but one that isn’t too hot. Most lettuces likes cooler temperatures, though you can find some varieties that are more heat tolerant (Black Seeded Simpson, Simpson Elite, Green Star or Tropicana, to name a few).

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