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How To Grow Peas in Container Gardens


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Growing Peas in Container Gardens
container gardening picture of sugar snap pea on the vine

Sugar Snap Pea Ready to Eat

Photo © Kerry Michaels

Peas are the perfect vegetable to grow in container gardens. They grow quickly and don’t need much attention. They do need full sunlight and the soil needs to be kept moist. Peas prefer cool conditions, so plant them early in the season. When it gets too warm, they stop producing. Once they do stop, you can pull them up and start another vegetable in the same container.

Some of my favorite kinds of peas for container gardens are:

  • Sugar Snap
  • English Peas, 'Little Marvel,' 'Tom Thumb' and 'Early Frosty'
  • Snow Pea, "Oregon Sugar Pod"
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