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How To Grow Peas in Container Gardens


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Trellising Peas
container gardening picture of trellis for container garden peas

Branches Make a Great Trellis for Peas

Photo © Kerry Michaels

Most peas are climbers so you will need some type of trellis. You can buy all kinds of fancy trellises but I like to use branches, which I stick into the soil. Bamboo stakes tied together with twine, in a teepee shape, will also work well.

As your peas start to grow, you may have to help get them started climbing on your trellis.

Harvest peas as they ripen. For the sweetest and most tender sugar snaps, harvest them when they are young. When harvesting English peas, wait until the pods swell, letting you know that the peas inside are big and juicy. You'll want to pick snow peas before the peas get too large.

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