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Pizza Garden in a Container


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What You'll Need for Pizza Herb Container Garden
container gardening picture of herbs, container and soil

What You'll Need

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Is there anyone out there who doesn't like pizza? Even if you don't make the pizza yourself, adding fresh herbs to any pizza, frozen, takeout or homemade can make it taste great. To have an easy and plentiful supply of herbs, make a pizza garden - a container garden filled with fresh herbs that go well on pizza. It's an easy and fun project to do with kids. A pizza container garden can also make a terrific gift.

  • A large container with drainage holes - lots of them
  • Good quality potting soil, preferably organic with a slow release fertilizer
  • Herbs - Parsley, thyme, basil, oregano and anything else you want on pizza. You could also include a tomato plant, or hot pepper plant in this pot.
  • Sun - Most of these herbs thrive in full sun - at least 6 hours a day.
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