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Container Gardening: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Common Mistakes Growing Tomatoes in Containers...
11 Common container tomato growing mistakes and how to avoid them.
How Not to Kill Your Mums
Tips for helping mums survive all fall.
Beyond Mums - 5 Great Plants for Fall Container...
If you think outside the mum and aster box, there are lots of great plants for fall.
Growing Sweet Potato Plants
Grow a cool houseplant from a sweet potato.
How to Grow Blueberries in Containers
Growing blueberries in containers is sometimes the best way to get berries. Here's why and what you need to know to successfully grow blueberries in containers.
How to Grow Tasty Potatoes in Containers
Growing potatoes in containers is easy and fun. If you haven't ever tasted fresh spuds, you've never really tasted a potato. Here's a step by step on how to grow potatoes in containers.
How to Meyer Lemon Trees in Garden Pots
Growing Meyer lemon trees in garden pots is surprisingly easy.
Grow Gorgeous Dipladenia and Mandevillas in...
Mandevillas and dipladenia are two of the most popular container plants. Here are expert tips on how to grow them and keep them looking their best.
5 Tips for Growing Awesome Tomatoes in Containers
Tips for growing awesome tomatoes in pots. First tip - pot size.
5 Gorgeous Flowering Container Garden Plants...
Some petunias and calibrachoa in a Trader Joe's reusable grocery bag can be great for a sunny spot.
Make an Easy Succulent Container Garden
How to make an easy succulent plant container garden
10 Great Easy to Grow Terrarium Plants
There are so many great plants for terrariums--Intro
Hibiscus Care
How to care for hibiscus. Container Gardening.
How to Grow A Garden in a Reusable Bag
Here are some step by step instructions for growing lettuce in a reusable grocery bag.
How to Grow Garlic in Containers
To grow garlic in pots is a bit of a challenge, because it has a very long growing season and needs regular watering. That said, it is well worth the work.
Are Your Tomatoes Black and Icky on the Bottom?
If your tomatoes have a black area on the bottom you probably have blossom end rot.
How to Make a Terrarium in 10 Easy Steps
Easy instructions for how to make a terrarium
10 Container Garden Tips for Beginners
10 tips for successful container gardens.
Expert Advice on Growing Fruit Trees in...
Expert advice from Stark Bro's Nurseries and Orchards on growing fruit trees in containers
How to Grow Garlic Greens Indoors
Growing garlic indoors is easy and a great project for kids.
Tips for Growing Cucumbers in Pots
Helpful advice for growing cucumbers in container gardens.
7 Beautiful Shade Plants for Containers
Introduction for plants for shade
10 Common Terrarium Mistakes and How to Avoid...
Terrariums are easy to make and care for if you don't make these common mistakes.
5 Tips for Planting Large Container Gardens
Design and planting tips for large container gardens.
Get Started Growing Veggies in Container Gardens
Always wanted to grow gorgeous and tasty vegetables in pots? It's easy(ish), fun and satisfying. Here's how to get started.
Don't Make These Common Seed Starting Mistakes
Growing seeds indoors isn't hard, it's keeping them alive that can be challenging. You can save a lot of money by growing seeds, but only if they live.
How to Make an Easy and Sweet Mason Jar Terrarium
How to make a mason jar terrarium.
Everything You Need to Start a Container Garden
If you are new to container gardening, here is what you need to know.
Knowing Your Plant Hardiness Zone is Key -...
Finding your plant hardiness zone is a key to vegetable container gardening.
10 Cheap (or Free!) Containers for Your...
There are lots of cool container garden ideas that are cheap or free.
10 Common Container Gardening Mistakes and How...
How to avoid 10 common container gardening mistakes.
Turn a Kiddi Pool into a Raised Bed Garden
A garden planter can be made inexpensively out of a plastic kiddie pool, giving your plants a pool party! Learn how.
How to Grow Kumquat in a Container
Growing kumquat (also known as cumquot) trees in garden pots is surprisingly easy. Here's how to grow kumquat trees in garden pots.
5 Great Containers for Growing Veggies
Intro to choosing a container for growing vegetables.
Growing a Mint Container Garden
There are all kinds of mints to grow in a container
5 Fab Plants for Hanging Baskets
Bacopa is a great plant for hanging baskets. Here's why.
Don't Make This Common Mistake When Choosing a...
How to choose plant for hanging baskets.
10 Awesome Veggies to Grow in Containers
A few words about growing vegetables in containers
How to Get Rid of Spider Mites
Getting rid of spider mites. Container Gardening.
The Best Way to Ripen Tomatoes
The best way to ripen tomatoes. Container Gardening.
Foliage Plants for Container Gardens
Flowers rock, but foliage plants can be more interesting.
Grow Tomatoes Upside Down in a Stylish Bucket
Growing an upside down tomato is all the rage. Find out how to make an upside down tomato bucket that is also cheap and pretty.
Tips for Starting a Balcony Garden
Tips on starting a balcony garden.
Expert Tips on How to Grow Peas in Container...
Peas are one of the easiest and most satisfying container garden vegetables that you can grow. Here's a step by step guide on how to successfully plant and grow peas in container gardens.
Growing pumpkins in containers is easier than...
How to grow pumpkins in pots. Container Gardening.
8 Tips on How Water Your Container Garden
Watering plants doesn't sound like rocket science, watering plants in container gardens can be tricky. Here are some tips for watering plants.
5 Helpful Tips for Starting a Container Garden
Tips for planting a container garden.
Get Started Growing Herbs in Container Gardens
Growing herb container gardens is easy, incredibly satisfying and can save you money. Here are some of the basics.
Fall Container Garden Ideas
Check out these pictures of fall container garden ideas.
How Do I Know When My Tomato is Ripe
The first way to check if your tomato is ripe is to check if the skin has turned from a dull, matte surface to one that is glossy and slightly shiny.
Tips for Watering Container Gardens
Ok, sounds pretty boring, but watering without drowning your container garden plants is one of the keys to a successful container garden.
Growing Sweet Potato Vines
Growing Ornamental Sweet Potato Vines
Container Garden Picture Gallery
Looking at container gardens is a great way to get ideas. Look at the use of color palette, composition and container.
Great Tomatoes for Growing In Containers
Here are some great tomato varieties for growing in containers.
5 Fabulous Flowering Vines for Your Container...
Some ideas for flowering vining plants for containers.
DIY Straw Bale Gardening
Growing vegetables and herbs in straw bales means you can garden almost anywhere on a budget.
Birch Bark Covered Nursery Pot with Mums and...
This group of containers features a birch bark covered nursery pot filled with mums and wirevine. Page 17.
Grow Boxes Rock for Growing Vegetables
Tips for getting the most out of grow boxes
Upside Down Tomato Planters - The Good And Bad
Growing tomatoes upside down is all the rage. Find out if it's a good way to grow tomatoes in containers.
Growing Moon Flower in Containers
How to grow moonflower vine. Container Gardening.
What should I do if my plant is root bound?
Root bound plants need help. One way to deal with them is root pruning.
Arugula is great for growing in container gardens.
Herb Container Garden Idea
This herb container garden is a great picnic table decoration.
Should I Use Gravel in my Container Garden?
Lots of people think it's a good idea to put a layer of gravel in the bottom of container gardens. Find out if they are right.
How to Fix An Ugly Container Garden
Sometimes your finished container just isn't working. Here are a couple of suggestions to make a not so hot container into one that rocks.
Shade-Loving Fuchsias Make Great Container Plants
How to grow fuchsia which is a great container plant for shade
Definition of Full Sun
The definition of full sun. Container Gardening.
Vegetable Container Gardening - The Basics
Tips and info to get you started growing vegetables in containers.
Growing Canna Lilies in Containers
Canna lillies are spectacular and easy to grow. Here's how to grow them in containers.
Growing Coleus in Pots
How to grow coleus in pots. Container Gardening.
How To Make a Wooden Box into a Garden
How to turn a wooden box into a garden.
Self Watering Containers - The Basics
The basics about self watering containers.
Container Garden in an Old Bucket
This old bucket is filled with blue fescue, creeping Jenny and portulaca. Page 10.
The Earthbox Is the Best Container For Vegetables
Find out why the Earthbox is the best way to grow vegetables in containers.
How to Make a Gorgeous Pumpkin Planter
Pumpkin planters my great fall decorations. Here are easy step by step instructions.
Mums, Coral Bells and Ornamental Grass
Fall container garden with bright pink mums, coral bells and ornamental grass. Page 16.
Prune Tomato Plants
Why you need to prune tomato plants.
Creeping Jenny is a Great Container Plant
Creeping Jenny is a fabulous container plant
Hot Fall Container Garden
Pepper plants can thrive in containers. Page 18.
Gallery of Terrarium Pictures
Terrarium pictures of terrariums and terrarium plants.
Heuchera, Dolce 'Key Lime'
Picture of heuchera, Dolce, 'Key Lime' in a hollowed out log. Page 19.
White Clover and Asters in Bamboo Basket
White clover and pink aster in a bamboo basket container. Page 14.
Lamb's Ear in TerraCycle Pot
Lamb's ear is a great fall container plant. It can be beautiful alone or in a mixed container garden. Page 9.
How to Make a Self-Watering Seed Starter for Free
How to make a free self-watering seed starter from a supermarket pie holder.
Inside Out Container Gardening
Placing container gardens - Try from the inside out.
Is There a Difference Between Potting Soil and...
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Tips for Growing Tomatoes in Containers
Tips and tricks for growing tomatoes in containers.
8 Tips for Fall and Winter Container Gardening
Fall is a great time to create some spectacular container gardens that will take you right into winter. Here are 8 tips on what to plant and how to keep your containers thriving in the cold.
13 Ways to Get More Bang for Your Container...
You don't have to spend a lot of money to have fabulous containers. Here are 13 ways to cut container gardening costs without sacrificing quality and be a more frugal container gardener.
Vegetable Container Garden Problems
If you are having plant problems, here are some things to check
This Garlic Scape Pesto Recipe is Easy and...
Delicious and easy garlic scape and basil pesto recipe
Growing Morning Glories in Containers
Heavenly blue morning glories are great climbing vines. Picture of a Heavenly Blue morning glory
How to Grown Hens and Chicks in Pots
How to Grow Hens and Chicks in Container Gardens
Coleus Container Garden
Shade container garden filled with coleus, from a White Flower Farm kit. Page 9.
Wondering How to Harden Seedlings for the...
Before you put seedlings outside in your container gardens, they need to be acclimated to the sun, wind and variable temperatures they will be facing. This is called hardening off, or boot camps for plants.
Small Rustic Basket Container Garden with...
Small rustic basket with fuchsia and oxalis or shamrock. Page 11.
7 Common Container Garden Pests and How to Get...
Container garden pests and what to do about them.
Get kids container gardening with fun projects.
Garden projects for kids. An intro
6 Tips to Successfullly Starting Seeds Indoors
Starting seeds can be frustrating, exhilarating or sometimes a little of both. Follow these tips for successfully starting seeds to increase your odds.
For a Cool Container Garden on the Cheap -...
Make a Cool Container Garden by Spray Painting a Basket
Great Container Gardening Plant - Passion Flower
Container garden picture of passion flower, 'Lavender Lady'. Page 19.
Large Terra Cotta Container Garden Stuffed with...
This large fall container garden features lamb's ear, flowering kale, sweet potato vine, sedum and ornamental grass. Page 15.
Knock Out Fall Container Garden
Large, beautiful fall container garden in a basket. Page 6.
The Pros and Cons of Straw Bale Gardening
Straw bale gardening is a great way to grow vegetables, but it's not for everybody.
Getting Started with Terrariums
There is a terrarium for every style. These are not your grandmother's terrariums.
What exactly is a Meyer Lemon Tree?
Curious about Meyer Lemons Trees? Here's what you want to know.
Elephant Ears Make Great Container Plants
Container gardening picture and plant information for elephant ears. Page 12.
How to grow beautiful and tasty strawberries in...
Growing strawberries in pots is easy. Growing strawberries in container gardens can also be beautiful
10 Reasons You Will Love about Container...
Why you should try growing things in pots.
What is Late Tomato Blight and What Should I Do...
Late tomato blight is a serious plant disease that affect both tomatoes and potatoes.
Hens and Chicks in an Old Wire Basket
These hens and chicks will last right through fall. Page 12.
Red Hot Container Garden
Container gardening picture of self-watering garden pot with creeping Jenny, Persian shield, coleus and sweet potato vine. Page 25.
Better Than Rocks Review
Better Than Rocks is a plastic mesh you put in the bottom of your container gardens to help with drainage.
Heuchera with Gourd
heuchera is one of the best fall container garden plants. Page 13.
Basket of Flowering Cabbage
This basket of flowering cabbage makes a wonderful fall centerpiece. Page 7.
Choosing the Right Plants for Your Container...
Choosing Plants for Garden Pots. Container Gardening.
Sedum, with Rosemary and Fiber Optic Grass...
This fall container uses rosemary and fountain grass and sedum to make a simple and large arrangement. Page 10.
Hanging Basket Container Garden with Purple...
Sometimes a single plant in the right container makes a perfect container garden. Page 13.
Unusual Container Gardens
Ideas, pictures and tips for creative, beautiful and unusual container gardens.
Purple Fountain Grass with Wirevine
Fall container garden with purple fountain grass and wirevine. Page 8.
Stone Container Garden with Nasturtiums
Nasturtiums in large stone container garden. Page 11.
Container Garden in Terra Cotta Jar
Container garden picture of verbena, calibrachoa and creeping Jenny in terra cotta jar. Page 12.
How To Plant a Flower Bag
An easy step-by-step guide to planting a flower bag.
All About Choosing Plant Containers
Choosing a plant container. Container Gardening.
Is It Safe to Plant a Garden in a Tire?
Tire gardens are popular, but are they safe? Some information you may want to know before planting tires gardens.
Turn A Clamshell Into a Miniature Container...
These miniature, clam shell container gardens are easy and fun to make. A great container gardening project to do with kids.
Grow Beautiful and Tasty Eggplant in Pots
How to grow eggplant in containers.
An Easy Way to Find Out if Your Plants Get...
Giving your plants the right amount of sunlight is critical. A sun calculator can take the guesswork out of the equation.
Calibrachoa is a Great Fall Container Plant
Container gardening picture of million bells or calibrachoa. Page 41.
Great Container Idea by P. Allen Smith
Photo of a container garden idea by P. Allen Smith. Page 26.
Herb Container Garden with Golden Sage
Golden sage container garden in a small terra cotta jar. Page 15.
Million Bells Container Garden in Zinc Pot
Container Gardening. Page 23.
Flowering Container Garden in an Old Basket
This container garden features pink flowers in a grey basket. Page 16.
How to Tell if Your Plant Is Rootbound
How to tell if your plant is rootbound
Growing Pomegranate Trees in Containers
How to grow pomegranates in containers
Grouping of Rustic Fall Container Gardens
This grouping of fall container gardens is rustic and simple. Page 4.
Pastel Patio Container Garden
This container is a kit sold by white flower farm. Page 19.
Growing Fruit in Containers in Warm Climates
Suggestions for growing fruit in containers in the South.
You Can Make Almost Anything Into a Container...
You can use almost anything to make a creative container garden.
Unusual Containers - Ways to Think Outside the...
Ideas for unusual garden containers
Coleus and Ivy in Strawberry Pot Container Garden
A strawberry pot makes a great container garden for coleus and English ivy. Page 18.
Growing Celery from a Bunch
How to grow celery from the bottom store bought celery.
Bold Flowering Container Garden
Container garden picture of large terra cotta pot with flowering container garden of passion flower, flowering maple and monkey flower. Page 4.
Growing Sedum or Stonecrop in Pots
How to grow calibrachoa or million bells in containers.
Container Garden in a Metal Basket
Picture of a purple, blue and white flowers in a metal basket container garden. Page 27.
Fall Container Garden Grouping
Grouping of fall container gardens. Page 5.
Pictures and Profiles of Great Container Plants...
Pictures and profiles of container plants and flowers
Formal Hanging Basket Container Garden
The verdigris color of this hanging basket works well with the pinks of the flowers and sage green of the foliage. Page 17.
Fill Your Planters with Potting Soil, Not Peanuts
Why you should fill your garden planters with potting soil.
Hibiscus Flower, Painted lady
Photograph of hibiscus flower. Photo of pink hibiscus rosa-sinensis, 'Painted Lady'. Page 6.

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