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Readers Respond: Container Gardening Trends

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Share trends you see in container gardening or trends you'd like to see.

Container Experiments

I LOVE containers! I have several that I use as my 'experimental growing stations'. Any seeds I want to grow, but am not sure as to where they will fit in, I start in containers. This year I'm trying Strawberry Corn, Bells of Ireland, and a couple different Amaranths. Once they reach maturity in the containers, I will know where to plant them in the yard for next year. Also, if I accidentally kill them, I don't have a huge empty space in the flower or veggie beds! Good Luck to all of my fellow Growers!!!
—Guest Steph

unruly tomatoes

yep, I know what you mean about unruly tomatoes! I started so many seeds that were absolutely surprisingly successful, I have 30 pots of tomatoes! They totally ring a very large veggie bed which has been taken over by only 3 pumpkin seeds! My son calls my back yard another eco system! I'm proud of the title! But staking my tomatoes is a real challenge! It now looks like a drunken farm hand fenced it all! It is really a constant fight with my tomatoes! I think they are really alive and run amok every night laughing at my feeble attempt to "tame" them!
—Guest Colleen

I Lost My Lawn!

I live in a drought-stricken region and dug-up my lawn four years ago. It makes my yard so much more interesting: I have a mix of hardscaping and plants - along with containers near the front door and in a courtyard patio - I highly recommend it! The best part of it is that my family saves money on water, which, in turn, helps our community.
—Guest onthepatio

Growing more in less space

I now grow more in less space with the monkeypots perfect patio planter. I'm growing tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and bok choy in one planter.

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